Forest School

Forest School is an outdoor education delivery system, that offers learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment with trees.




Academic Project



In Short

The Brief

We were asked to create branding for a real or unreal product, place, event or personality and to include a logo, business card, envelope, A4 paper and a Facebook page mock-up. I decided to brand an unreal forest school kindergarten.

The Challenge

“Forest School” is a special form of kindergarten or school that is not common in Israel. The task is to create an identity and graphic design for the brand and also to introduce the brand to the local educational field.

The Solution

Choosing a kindergarten or a school for your child is a must-do task. Some parents will simply choose the nearest facility to their home. The ones that will go the extra mile for a more remote or expensive facility , will do so only based on emotion. I decided to focus on creating a connection between those parents and the brand by conveying the brands personality and values as an anchor for the parents to connect to.

My Roll

Research and strategy, logo design, package design and copywriting.



Schools, as we know them, were formed in the 19th century and almost haven’t changed in the passing years. The problem is, that while schools haven’t changed, the rest of the world has. This has created  a gap between the real world in which the students live in and their school experience. This is why a change in required to transform the academic sphere into a sphere that supports a more meaningful learning environment. 

Forest School is an innovative educational approach based on outdoor learning. Being outdoors contributes to a rise in the students inner motivation, emotional, communicative and social skills and helps them gain self esteem and confidence, by using their feelings, imagination and senses.

Brand Field and Competitors

The Relevant field is education and the location is Tel Aviv. The brand’s primary competitors are private schools located in central Israel, mainly in Tel Aviv, who operate in the democratic, anthroposophic and Montessori method. The brand’s secondary competitors are Tel Aviv’s public schools.

Brand Values

Unique, innovative, natural and green.

Target Audience

The Primary audience is parents to kids at school age, living in Tel Aviv with above average income. The secondaty is parents to kids at school age, living in central Israel with above average income.




We realized that the heart of the brand is the outdoor environment. That is what makes it unique and what sets it apart from other educational institutions in Israel. This is why we chose to focus on nature in general and on the forest in particular, as the inspiration for the color scheme and as a central element in the chosen logo. The pine cone, a representation of the natural surrounding in which the school operates, was the perfect choice. The rest of the designed elements, were bassed on the logo and the chosen color scheme. 

Color Scheme and Fonts